Self portrait


Data point: PC game "Counter strike global offensive"

Objective of the game: Kill as many enemies as possible as a team, win as more rounds than the enemy team, diffuse the bomb, rescue hostages, headshots.

Skills required: Good decision making and reflexes (Be really good at clicking the mouse)

Concept: Memorial for the fallen

Objective of a war: Win geopolitical battle

Skills required: Kill as many enemies as a team, Intimidation, be extremely fit, endure physical exhaustion, extremely good reflexes and decision making, pull the trigger without hesitation.


What does a real soldier feel like?

Do authorities see soldiers as statistics?

Why aren't there memorials for the fallen enemy soldiers?


Processing sketch, Illustrator, Laser etching on metal (failed), gold paint on metal, then etching (failed), black paint on metal, then etching (presentable)

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