Technology & Community Case Management


The readings related to community case management were clear about how certain organizations like UNICEF, Amazon and Uber are focused on improving quality of living by investing in technology. Judging from the UNICEF's Community Case Management Handbook, it's clear that UNICEF is definitely in the forefront of problem solving for global issues by developing well thought management systems and data gathering using publicly available technologies, but private companies have more potential to solve global issues due to their investments in advanced technologies like Drone deliver, Aerial survey drones and Apps that make transportation issues seem easy to solve.

Questions for the Panel

Q1: What would it take for private companies to invest in developing technologies that solve issues from a global standpoint (that includ under-developed countries) instead of just solving issues pertaining to developed economies?

Q2: Could big companies somehow kick-start the advancement of tech services in under-developed / developing countries so as to make their services (like Uber and Amazon) available to the public in those parts of the world?