Final Problem Selection


Target ISSUE:

Undocumented births from undocumented immigrants in the US.


Possible problems:

  • Anchor babies, they can automatically become citizens, but do they?

  • Babies have automatic rights but the parents don’t, families get separated through deportation

  • Undocumented Parents don’t report rape and violence

  • Children of undocumented parents are not given equal opportunity in terms of education and healthcare (turned away from public schools)
  • Automatic registration of undocumented child in hospitals leads to parents being detained

  • Schools “have barred immigrant children from enrolling or meaningfully participating in school by creating intentional and unintentional barriers,” even though they have the rights to primary and secondary education.
  • According to the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project, 6.9 percent of K-12 students had parents of illegal immigrants in 2012, while far less — 1.4 percent — of all students were illegal immigrants themselves.


  • A new ID just adds more “system” to the system.

  • Not trying to change policy.

  • Possibly focus on the education part due to the law saying all children must be allowed school.

  • Schools allow us a gateway for the undocumented kids to get involved with an official system.

  • Healthcare allows unofficial gateway to getting “into” the system.

  • Concerns about self-incrimination keep families from registering births.

  • Possibly use a pledge for the schools to say “we accept all students.”


Problem Statement:

The problem of undocumented births affects government resources, planning, and children’s access to rights and services the impact of which is lack of government “self-insight” and these individuals are excluded from official systems.


Specific Problem Statement:

How might we secure access to public k-12 education for undocumented children in order to ensure that all children regardless of immigration status receive basic education.


Questions for the class:

  1. Possible intervention point/ is schools?

  2. Is our case too specific?


Research document link:


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