Why the 'Mouse' is a great tool


The mouse has been an integral part of navigating on a computer screen since its entry into the consumer market.

I've used the trackpad, pen tablet, and keyboard navigation several times, and am comfortable using them, yet my preferred device to move the cursor, is the mouse. Even though there are various types of mouse designed for specific audiences with specific needs, the mouse in general is a reliable and precise device move the cursor on the computer screen.

This is mostly because of it's certain characteristics, like having tactile buttons, grip texture, its size and shape that makes it possible to have a power grip which improves user's control over the cursor. I personally like using the gaming mouse, as it gives me extra control buttons and free rotating scrolling wheel, which helps while using 3D softwares, editing tools and gaming.

The trackpad compared to the mouse gives limited control over the cursor and its features. The macbook tracking pad being the best among laptop tracking pads, still has flaws when it comes to precision and control options. Sometimes the cursor jumps locations while swiping, and relies on user's practice of use to recall click controls.

The mouse does have a drawback over the trackpad, the fact that it's an accessory for the laptop because the laptop already comes with a trackpad. Which means the user spends money to buy one and has to carry an extra peripheral around. This makes some users reluctant to use one all the time.

Still in my personal opinion the mouse is an example of good design and innovation.

Nitish Wakalkar