Count Visualizer: Assignment


PART 1 : Physical Product

The challenge was to design a physical object that can keep count of time (days, hours, seconds) in ascending or descending order, to act as a sort of a stop watch, clicker or calendar.

My solution is not the simplest, but it integrates the functionality of current technology of smart devices. The device has two displays on broader sides, that can be customized for one or two people. The device has soft physical buttons on top to assign tasks, and has a basic capacitive touch display to edit the functions for the corresponding side. The device can also be connected to a smart phone using bluetooth, so that the user can assign functions through an app as well.

The device is about 15cm wide and 8cm tall, this makes the device more visible and big enough to be inviting for multiple user interactions. The buttons are soft silicon pads and the case material is tinted translucent polymer, with display embedded inside the case, this makes the product look seamless and minimal. 

A more simples solution would be to have a mechanical clicker with maybe 3 physical buttons to assign minimal functions of counting ascending or descending order, but such devices already exist, aren't much expensive and are less bought because the same simple functions can also be found in personal devices like smart phones or laptops.

PART 2: Mobile App

Nitish Wakalkar