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The Reading and videos seemed like a powerful statement on how big private companies partnering with humanitarian assistance groups can help to solve global issues and disaster management scenarios by using data gathering technology. The real-time data gathering of mobile network usage, Rainfall, temperatures, sea levels, etc. can be used to better predict hot spots for disasters like Tsunami's, Landslides and Earthquakes. Looking at this initiative it intrigues me as to what other opportunities could we get with open data, to solve various other issues.

Q1: What concerns companies have in making such type of data public, which makes them conclude that it's not beneficial for their business.

Q2: Are there enough security measures in place to prevent 3rd party tampering of open data, which might cause more harm and chaos for management.

Q3: What measure can governments take to make sure such type of data is made available by private companies for humanitarian causes.

Nitish WakalkarComment