1 : Balloon harp

Pull the strings attached to the balloons to make music. User pulls random set of strings, which the harp plays back in a melodious pattern.

Artboard 1.jpg

2 : The Samurai story;

Inspired from shadow puppets, this would need 2 actors to portray 2 characters that have a back story. The actors get to immerse in the story by fighting each other in this shadow world, with virtual swords that appear on the life size screen kept next to them, represented in a dramatically aesthetic manner.

Artboard 2.jpg

3 : The Hip-Hop artist

This is an interactive setup to make the user feel like a Rapper/Producer in a simplified way. Taking basic elements of mixing and sampling, this installation would let the user easily interact and create a small piece of unique music, which they can probably send to themselves or share on social media. The user could say (input) a word/phrase and let the machine create a short rhyming paragraph for the user to rap to. The objective of this setup is not to show that it's easy to create music, but to make the user appreciate the technique.

Artboard 4.jpg

4 : Lucid dreamer

This is a light and sound experience that gives the illusion of a abstract dream. Each user will get a different experience and might interpret different shapes/ stories/ meaning through it.

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