Random Airlines: Ordering food on an inflight screen



To design, prototype and user test a interface for backseat screens in a domestic Airlines, to order food & beverages inflight.



1: Inflight screens are about9.5in X 7.3in in dimensions and about 1.5 foot away from passenger's face while seated.

2: Passengers in domestic flights barely use the inflight screens for entertainment as most of them carry personal devices like smart phones and laptops.

3: It's important for the user to associate screen experience with the brand of Airlines.

4: domestic flights keep a limited variety and quantity of food, snacks and drinks.

5: Drinking water is suppose to be a free commodity on all flights.

6: The whole experience of ordering food should be quick, unobtrusive and satisfactory.


Concept Wireframe



Below is a basic demonstrable prototype for the interface concept.

User Testing

The interactive prototype is opened on an iPad mini, that's attached to back of a chair to simulate inflight experience.

User's task

Order a "BLT Sandwich" and "Tea" using the inflight interface prototype.


Questions for the user

Q1: Was is easy to order? What felt weird or confusing?

Q2: What feedback or information do you feel is important during the experience?

Q3: Was the text and images clear enough to understand?

Q4: Did you face any obstacles or hesitations during payment?


Findings and Suggestions

1: Most users found the experience to be straight-forward and Unobtrusive.

2: The users were able to order and pay for the food without much confusions and deviations from task.

3: The Size and shape of buttons and text seems to work well with all users.

3: The prototype could've had been more detailed so as to let user chose whatever they felt like.

4: There needs to be an option to select quantity of the same order, in the menu.


Nitish WakalkarComment