Final Project



News and information shapes the way we think about people, nation and about the world in general. We read it, see it and hear it. Most people prefer watching news being narrated instead of reading, as The narrator's gestures and expressions which sort of suggests us how to feel about the information. 

We are surrounded by news that's biased, filled with advertisements and at most times very unclear. If an individual subscribes to a news outlet of a certain political inclination (Left/Right), that individual would only get the news from that one perspective.

Talk shows have become more popular lately as news source material because they sum up the news in way that people can relate and understand the consequences of the information obtained.


What if the news gave clear information about a certain news topic and was unbiased towards sharing consequences so that the user can form their own opinion about it.

Clean News bot

It could be a chrome extension or google home skill.


  1. Get news from various sources (maybe 2 at least).
  2. Compare context.
  3. Segregate the information into categories: Subject (who, why, where), Consequences, Arguments & Opinions.
  4. Arrange text into grammatically correct format and send output to Chrome extension/Alexa/google home.


News Compare


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