Journey #1


discomforts in Creative processes:


  • Detailed illustrations
  • Lack of new and interesting ideas
  • Finding time to practice
  • Cartoons
  • Anatomy
  • Hyper realism
  • Wacom tablet


  • Exploring new tools
  • Getting familiar with new software
  • Modelling technique and practice
  • Creating compound or organic shapes and patterns
  • Code based CAD
  • Prepping for machining
  • 3D animation (organic models like humans, cars, cartoons etc)
  • Hyper realistic renders


  • Exploring new techniques and materials
  • Spending money on expensive materials
  • Transporting material, physical exhaustion
  • Getting correct tools and devices
  • Finding guidance and help

Visual design:

  • Using code to generate new visuals
  • Extensive web design projects
  • Calligraphy
  • Exploring new styles
  • Motion graphics

Design thinking:

  • Reading in depth to completely understand topic
  • Conversing with users and stakeholders
  • Asking the right questions
  • Time management

CODING for Visual design

Q: Why visual design?

A: It's a rapidly evolving powerful design tool to express and explain ideas.


Make some visual design/art for assignments or projects based on an uncomfortable topic using only code, that's probably original in terms of technique and aesthetics.


  1. Check videos and examples online
  2. Test out some concepts with code
  3. Get correct help if stuck at some point
  4. Showcase and get feedback
  5. Start over and explore
  6. IMP: No photoshop!
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